Effiya is the sexy host of the Weekend Vybz.  Weekend Vybz focuses more on Afro-pop artists from all around the world and controversial topics.

Her vibrant style illuminates and captures your attention once you listen to her seductive and sensual voice.

Weekend Vybz airs every Sundays from 8pm - 10pm German time.


DJ Ben Craig is the host of Afro-Carribean-Latin-hits.  This is a show gives you the latest in the Afro-Carribean-latin music world from all over Europe.

He interviews both Music Artists and Dancers from this genre and also interviews personalities.  He has interviewed the likes of  Miss Kenya Germany 2014 & 2015 and Jessica Nupen(an international dance choreographer)

This show comes on every Tuesdays from 9pm - 11pm German time


Pastor Cosmos' life, purpose, calling, vision and motivation are driven by three Cardinal heavenly assignments.
They are:
1. To partner with God and people in building people people and impacting the world.
2. To be a voice that others can depend on by preaching biblical principles (The Word of God)
3. To bring the anointing and divine inspiration to people for great and spectacular accomplishments in all fields of life.

Pastor Cosmos is a good communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a man full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. He is an author, a conference host and speaker, a church planter, a man of integrity and a man of prayer. He is a Jesus lover.

Tune in this and every Wednesday to follow his weekly radio program, "His Touch with Pastor Cos" on Radio TopAfric between the hours of 8pm and 10pm Germany Time to experience wholeness in every aspect of your life.


The Ewe (Eʋeawó literally means Ewe People) are the ethnic group located in the Volta region of Ghana, the southern Togo and Republic of Benin.

They host a show which is focused on informing all the Ewe people living in Germany.