Sunday, 23 October 2016 16:39

Praveen Smeyts visits Topafric Radio

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Hip Hop Energy debuted the HipHopTalk with the new faces Jara and Vicky on Topafric radio and interviewed the rising LA singer, songwriter, and performer Praveen Smeyts.

Praveen is extremely gifted. He plays the guitar, raps, sings and also writes music. He is what you call a rolling stone. Where ever there are people to listen to his music is his home.

Praveen talked about his life on the road as a muscian, upcoming gigs, and his popular music video on youtube.
Listen to Praven as he talks about his hot new project with Wiz Khalifa and him opening for Chris Brown’s show this year in Germany.

He also performed a beautiful mash up with his guitar.
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